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good evening, and thanks for joining us. >> they were sworn to protect and preserve, but as of midnight they'll be off the job and back to civilians. almost 77 have turned in their badges, victims of city budget cuts. there was an emotional farewell. >> reporter: she worked hard to wear the badge of number 4025. today this officer had to give it back. >> you know that sour kind of feeling, the lump in my stomach, we all know that feeling. >> reporter: he did a $150 million spending cut. >> morale has been better. >> reporter: they say with fewer officers on the street, a major calamity now falls on the shoulders of city hall.
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>> we believe the public's safety is in jeopardy. we did our part. >> reporter: the union boss says that if something bad happens in san jose, you know own it. what's your response? >> i have to take ownership of the decisions that i've made. >> reporter: soan jose is on bae to triple its homicide rate compared to last year. if last week was any indication, former officer says they're in deep trouble. she said there were few officers to return to an emergency backup call downtown. >> he needed help and we couldn't help him because already we were short staffed. >> reporter: the mayor says budget cuts are already crippling them. >> anything coming out of his mouth is political rhetoric. he can tell me the sky is purple and he'll be convinced it's the
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truth and i won't believe what he says. >> reporter: officers who kept their jobs gave the departing officers a final farewell. bittersweet for a woman who always wanted to be a cop. >> now damian tells us that most of the laid-off police officers say they will now become reserve police officers for the city. >> the 67 officers aren't the only ones leaving the san jose police department. the assistant chief is also out the door. this afternoon she turned in her resignation as well. in january diane was listed as the highest paid female officer. just in time, governor brown signed off on the $86 billion spending plan one day before the start of the fiscal year. but one part of the deal is already facing legal threats.
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nbc bay area's vicky nguyen tells us the details. >> reporter: they finally get a budget in on time and it's greeted with the promise of a laut. front and center the california redevelopment association and the league of california cities even as the governor was being applaud ed for signing the budgt day early, they say they're going to file a lawsuit to challenge the budget that requires redevelopment agencies to send more monies to schools and local government. they say that money is supposed to help cities create jobs and entice company gross and expand so they can grow their econo economies. at least 50 cannot afford to go along with the budget plans. they'll have to lay off dozens of employees. >> what they've done is an extortion scheme where they say if you don't give us "x" amount of dollars, then we're going to abolish you and take the money anyway.
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so what they laughingly referred to as a voltaire payment is anything but a voltaire payment. it's a compulsory payment in order to continue carrying out local economic activities and it's brazenly illegal. >> reporter: opponents say this directly violates proposition 22 where they did not want the state to use redevelopment money to plug budget holes but budget backers and governor brown stand by their plan. they say it's sound and legal and they expect it to contribute $1.7 billion to the overall budget, that is, if it gets past the courts. well, oakland city council has until midnight tonight to pass a new budget for the next two years. council president larry reid says he's confident they can meet the deadline. much will rely on concessions of city workers but those still need to be approved by the city
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unions. the university of california system will welcome an influx of out-of-state students but fewer incoming and transfer students from california. that's according to new numbers released today. the number of out-of-state students rose 58% for the upcoming semester. the number of international students went up 25%. that puts non-resident students at nearly 14% of the incoming freshmen body. at the same time the number of instate students dipped slightly. nearly three months after the brutal attack, bryan stow is now suffering from a high fever. stowe's family says the doctors are using antibiotics to treat the fever. meanwhile investigators are look closely at images taken during that giants/dodgers game back on march 31st. patrick healy from our nbc station in l.a. has the details. >> reporter: charlie back says investigators investigating the
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attack on bryan stow are scouring every bit of new evidence that comes along. this week that includes newly available images from inside the stadium both obtained by tmz. a photo of o'with fellow giants fans and others nearby making unfriendly gestures. and a phone call that gave him a cursed remark. >> detectives are looking at that very closely, but people have to understand that particularly in the atmosphere that was present at that time during the dodger/jientd game there was a lot of confrontations, so i think that people have to understand that this is probably not connected to the assault. >> reporter: and bonda himself is not seen as a suspect. from the department's west
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bureau stations. >> so thank you all very much. back to the stowe case chief detectives have confirmed key witnesses and taken them back to the dodger stadium parking lot to reenact the attack in the hopes of jogging a memory. >> we there's still an award out for this. we're still looking into it. >> reporter: last friday he publicly announced that giovany ramirez, still uncharged after feek weeks of his arrest may ultimately be exonerated. >> there's always a chance, but we still have a prime suspect. >> again, that was patrick healy from our l.a. sister station. tonight we're learning exactly what caused the accidental dealt o a developmentally disabled woman last month. the coroner's office found that 52-year-old collette scott died after a staff member put her on
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a ventilator to make sure she was breathing but didn't check to see if it was working. complications from a genetic disorder trikted to her death. she was a ward of the state. she died on may 5th. yosemite park rangers say two hikers were killed from rushing watt when they tried to cross a bridge. they were part of a group that had been backpacking there for several days. the body of one hiker remains missing, but he is presumed dead. the park is not releasing their names or any other information at this point. new tonight at 6:00, los angeles police are in the bay area today trying to find a teenager who's missing from a tour group. this 15-year-old disappeared in los angeles seven days ago. he was last seen snapping pictures outside of a rad ison hotel outside of the university of southern california. eventually an educational tour of about 30 people moved on.
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today they were in san francisco where police caught up with them for further questioning. they now suspect he may have been picked up by someone he befriended over the internet from india. he was last seen wearing a red shirt, tan pants and a backpack. a catholic bishop is stepping down. the vatican formally accepted the early resignation of 74-year-old bishop daniel walsh. the diocese has been hit with several lawsuits during walsh's 11-year tenure, alleging child abuse by former priests. 59-year-old robert vossa will take over as the bishop of santa rosa zining tomorrow. golden gate riders will need to find another way to commute tomorrow. the ferry system says it will suspend ferry service all day tomorrow because of a strike announced by ticketing agents at the terminals. golden gate transit buss will operate normally along with supplemental services. the strike is expected to last until 10:00 tomorrow night.
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normal ferry service will resume on saturday. okay. as many of us sit down to the dinner table, we have this story. still ahead. dread for your favorite red. the new warning about how climate change could impact wine right here in california. i'm scott budman with, yes, another tablet. this one comes from hp. it's released tomorrow. it's aimed right at the consumer market. we put it through its paces coming up. in just a matter of a few hours driving in the bay area will get a little more complex. we'll describe the fees and rules taking effect tomorrow. we're live in downtown san jose. and what are you having for dinner? if you come down to san jose, you could have chocolate mousse or mesquite grilled chicken breasts or nice brew she ta. dining in downtown plus your hold weekend forecast. stick around.
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it's the ripple effect of the new budget. bay area riders and transit riders will have to pay more beginning tomorrow. they're raising prices on monthly passes. $2 more for an adult pass, $1 more for seniors and those with disabilities. cable car fares will also jump from $5 to $6. the city's annual parking pass will cost $2 more. cal train will add 25 cents to its base fair. as we take a look at the bay area bridge, we should add bridge tolls will increase for those with more than two axles. that includes rigs and cars towing boats and trailers. another change taking effect tomorrow, car pool lanes.
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those driving hybrid vehicles driving alone will not be allowed to drive in the car pool lane. now those drivers will have to stay in the regular lanes. something commuters aren't too excited about. >> well, it certainly promotes electric car drivers, but a lot of people who bought the hybrids are expected to have that free lane and that accessibility. it's going to cause a lot more conjection. i think there seriously are going to be a lot of disappointed drivers out there. >> there sure will be. chp says drivers with yellow stickers have been warned. there will be no grace period. for your a complete list of the new laws in effect go to our website and search "new laws". a tech giant is right in the middle of this. scott budman has today's news and, scott, i see you have another toy. >> yes. we're going to have a tablet
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review. huge week for this. first the california supreme court today handing down a decision saying that companies must pay overtiemt to workers who don't live in california but who work here. the case stems from a lawsuit filed against oracle of redwood city. the software giant not properly compensating out-of-state works who came to oracle for work. they could be liable for back pay. more bad news from myspace. laying off more than half of its staff. that's more than 200 pink slips. this comes one day after the company said it was sold for $35 million. another strong day for your money. the stock market has now gone up four days in a row. the end of june, far better than the way things began. all right. if there is one thing the bay area has gone batty over lately, it's tablet computing. just about everybody, it seems wants to own one. just about every company, it seems, wants to sell one. this one is coming from
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hewlett-packard which is going mobil thanks to another silicon valley company. >> sit powerful enough and big enough? >> reporter: with all the attention paid to tablet computer, hp face as huge challenge. the silicon giant is famous as a leader in the tech industry, but when it comes to tablets, it's behind. >> this is the hp touch pad. >> reporter: now trying to make up ground, the touchpad looks familiar with a big difference. its operating system. a user interface or u.i. >> when people use the touch pad, when they pick it up in the store, when they give it a try, what they're going to find is that we have a u.i. that's like none other. >> reporter: but hp faces an uphill battle. we're all used to the apple tablet and android tablet. hp, these're known for what's on
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their desk. >> pc sales are slowly diminishing, laptop sales are slowly diminishing and tablet sales are going through the roof and if hp doesn't get into the game in a big way, they stand to lose. >> what we're seeing is people are computing more. they're taking their devices with them. they're filling the white spaces in their day with more time online and more time computing. >> reporter: it's thin, light, has a camera and a bunch of tabs, similar to other tabs with a different feel thanks to a palm brought onboard. >> here's a look. like the ipod and galaxy, ten inches worth of screen, starts at $500. >> does this have a 3g option too? >> this one does not yet. hp is a little cagey. it says it's going have a bigger lap store later, music store later. for now this is what you get on
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sale tomorrow. $500 or $600. >> you're not endorsed here but you played with the apple, the cisco version, the r.i.m. version and -- >> if you like the apple -- that is tough to beat oochz. if you're an android fan and millions of them can't be wrong, the samsung galaxy tab is the one we like the most. so far. >> out on about a limb. >> we only tested about an or nine of them. there are so many of these things, they're asmazing. palm had such a following here in silicon valley with the phone. it will be interesting to see if people come back to it after it went away for a while. >> great thing with scott at his desk, he's got eight tablets sitting there. >> tomorrow there will only be seven, i suspect. a new study out of stanford shows that global warming could
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significantly damage california's wine industry in the next years. the amount of wine and grape-growing land could shrink by 50%. but at the same time the land that isn't the best for growing grapes now could be warm enough to produce grapes. a similar study suggests that premium wine acreage in the united states could be lost by the end of the century. it was published in today's edition of the environmental research letters. it is certainly going to be warm outside in the weekend. thinking you have some bruschetta with my name on it. >> yeah, forget the weather. >> are you guys jealous yet? look at this. >> yes. >> we've got the bruschetta, yes, jessica. the mesquite grilled chicken breast and the chocolate mousse waiting for you to come down. we're down here live. it is dining in downtown southeasan
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jose. and we have a lot of local restaurants. you've been a part of this event for the last couple of years. you can tell folks what i they can expect when they come downtown. >> we've been a part of "dine downtown" for three years now. we're one of 126 restaurants participating this year. we offer a three-course menu. you can check it outonline. it goes through this sunday. yeah, it's an exciting event for all of us. >> reporter: and you're with the arcadia steakhouse and two of the keynote dishes if you could talk about both. these aren't really your typical corn dogs. >> to start we have one of our starter here's. it's one of our signature dishes, lob stert corn dog. it's a lobster mousse made in a corn dog batter. then on the other side we have our old-fashioned carrot cake
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where there's nothing old-fashioned about it. sorbet, candied carrots and walnuts as well. >> reporter: i'll hang onto this and bridget back to the studio. thanks so much for joining us. let's talk about the hot weather we're going to see over the next few days. we're going be looking aet temperatures that will be pretty comfortable over the morning. this is when temperatures are going to start to throttle up. nice and comfortable at 8:00 in the morning. still 50s and 60s outside. and then by noon you will see the temperatures already starting to climb closer to the 80s, and we should see temperatures eventually getting close to the 80s and 90s inland as we head through this time tomorrow. places like san jose easily getting close to the upper 80s up there in the forecast. so gorgeous weather if you're going to be out and about. and coming back live, we have a celebrity taste tester here, someone you recognize from today in the bay, christina loren helping out with music in the
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park and also helping out -- why don't you sample one of these fantastic food items. >> he's doing the weather. i'm doing the tasting. take your pick. taking her pick. >> chocolate, big buy. here it goes. i can't talk after this. snoom good stuff. >> well, christina likes it. chocolate muse is now off the table for you guys, but thee's got ought of these other fantastic food items here. coming up in the second half hour, we're doing some martial arts action for you. stick around for that. we'll have that coming up in the next half hour. >> we've lost all control of our weather department. >> yes. they just go out and have fun everywhere. thank you, guys. still ahead at 6:00, first comes the surgery and then the scar. but doctors have a new strategy to make the scars a little bit noticeable.
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>> why smartphones may be the key tohek t smongrs kick the habit. >> planting seeds. the bay area student teaching his teachers and peers a lesson in sustainable living. i want to crush more cars. ♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business.
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many teenagers -- let's say most teenagers would prefer to spend their summer vacation far, far away. >> that is true but one is happy to work here. he's planting seeds for the future. >> you can see a few little heads of broccoli coming up. >> reporter: everybody knows a garden begins with a seed. >> there are a bunch of squashes almost ready to come up. >> reporter: the seeds for this garden at the owceana high schol were planted a year ago when he attended.
6:26 pm
>> i came back here and wanted to start a garden here. i thought it would be beneficial for the local community and the neighborhood. >> reporter: they're planting t tomatoes and working the land. he wrote grant applications to fix his gaze on a patch of gravel-covered ground behind the school. >> it's been a real community effort to change this back from a really ugly eye sore into something that looks much nicer and is productive and is teaching people. >> reporter: in the last year his dream is taking root. students spend free time toiling in the soil. chickens lay eggs and lessons in nutrition and sustainable are learned. >> we joke that the we wouldn't feed most of it. >> reporter: it turns out his green thumb is con tarjs. both students and teachers have caught his farming bug. >> i think a lot of people say i would really like to do this, this would be fun, you know,
6:27 pm
talk about dreams. but this is a kid who completely put into action. >> the thing that i love about being here is getting to sure my joy with all these people. >> reporter: the hello endiller foundation awarded him an award for his work. he plans to save most for college but spend some on the garden. >> i've appreciated the recognition. even without it i i'd still be out here digging holes and cleaning up chicken manure. >> you like that one? >> nice boy. >> still ahead at 6:00, royals on parade. we'll take you to canada where prince william and kate middleton kicked off their first overseas trip as a married couple. the changes that could be coming to self checkout lines at your grocery store. get this. no id or passport.
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national stir with all the security measures now, how did this happen? that's the big question. a man got on board an l.a.-bound flight using someone else's boarding pass and an expired student i.d. here is gordon from our l.a. station. >> reporter: when this gentleman made his way onto a virgin airways flight in new york a couple of days ago and managed to fly to los angeles, he was not just some accidental traveler saving a little money by bending the rules. national security investigators say he was inadvertently sounding a very loud alarm it's bad because of all of the billions of dollars in resources we've put in over the last ten years, someone just proved it can still be done. >> reporter: he managed to get past tsa agents in new york and a ticket desk with a day-old boarding pass, one that didn't
6:31 pm
match the name on the i.d. >> when they put the boarding pass against the scanner, it's my understanding that the ierl acknowledged the mistake for not acknowledging the alarm. >> reporter: a head count indicated there were more people than had been ticketed. then to make matters worse he was questioned and released in l.a. after his luggage was found not to be a threat. the whole affair reading like a comedy of errors although with a much bigger risk left some travelers shuttering at l.a.x. >> it's hard to believe, really, because they really scrutinize our boarding pass. >> it makes me feel uneasy if i was with that person. >> reporter: tonight the transportation safety administration says that one of the officers did not identify that he was traveling with incorrect documents. national security experts are
6:32 pm
commenting wondering if he had some ulterior mow tigs for stoeg away on the plane. how did all of those layers mean and what would that mean to a terrorist? >> this is a lesson learned for us and unfortunately for them. san jose city councilman pled guilty to misdemeanor dui charge today. his attorney said he entered the plea earlier this month. arrested on the early morning of may 7 after being pulled over for a nonworking taillight by a chp officer in downtown san jose. according to the chp, the councilman smelled of alcohol. he was asked to perform a field sobriety test and he failed it. he received a standard fine of some $2,000 along with a three-month dui class and five days of community service. a controversial bill barring people from buying alcohol at self-checkout lines is one step
6:33 pm
closer to law tonight. the bill already passed the state assembly, and now it's won apreviously from the senate organization committee. she said it makes sense. critics say it's already in the grocer's best interest to keep minors from buying alcohol because they could lose their liquor license. on peninsula, it pays to sleep. they have some perks. new firefighters will be allowed to retire at the age of 50 and rack up overtime while sleeping at the firehouse. san carlos is one of the few bay area cities with a budget surplus but will save less money after the council vote and overtime exemption. as it stands now, the city will save another $900,000 annually when it dissolves the belmont san carlos fire department in october. we're told additional cutbacks and financial maneuvers are also
6:34 pm
in place. >> we have reduced the salaries by 5%. we've also reduced the pension plan from what they call 3% at age 55 to 2% at age 50, so there have been some reductions, and this is very consistent with what they've done elsewhere. beginning october they'll be operated by redwood city. the department is looking through hundreds of online applications to fill only 21 positions. further reductions in salaries for new hires are expected. fire crews in new mexico are trying to prevent a wildfire from reaching a nuclear weapons laboratory. the massive fire has already burned more than 108 square miles of the new mexico desert near los alamos. nbc nbc's. >> reporter: these late afternoon winds are making it difficult to gain ground. firefighters are confident it
6:35 pm
will not reach the lab of community of los alamos and they said earlier that the risk now is actually less than it was earlier in the week due to the intentional files. the lab will stay closed until next week. the mandatory order will not be lifted until sunday at the very early left. it could be later. and the calm residents anxious about their homes, the police chief says they're going to post onloon. janet shamlian for nbc bay area news. the mob boss will get a protection order against him. he left with armed escorts. he could not afford his own attorney and is entitled to a public defender since feds seized the $800,000 he had in his apartment. prosecutors said he had family
6:36 pm
members who could help them pay. he participated in 19 murders, spent 16 years on the run and was finally nabbed in santa monica last week. in washington the justice department is opening a criminal investigation including officers with the cia. they're investigating the death of two terrorists in custody. at the same time the justice department is also closing inquiries into the treatment of nearly 100 other detainees over the last decade. in response to the announcement outgoing chief leon panetta says it's time to close that chap tur. general david petraeus will take leon panetta's post. the man in charge of the u.s. operations in afghanistan is a west point graduate and a 37-year veteran of the u.s. army. the four-star general is also
6:37 pm
credited with turning around the war in iraq. defense secretary robert gates retired with quite a the resume. he was saluted today with all the pomp and circumstance the pentagon could muster. president bush brought gates to the pentagon to reshape the wars in afghanistan and iran. he was given the highest civilian award gimp an outgoing defense secretary. >> you're not only one of the longest serving defense secretaries in the history but it is also clear you've about been one of the best. 'll just say here that i will think of these young warriors, the ones who fought, the ones who keep on fighting, the ones who never made it back till the end of my days. >> gates' career took him through the ranks of the cia, then to the pentagon in late 2006 as america was fighting two
6:38 pm
wars. well, still ahead at 6:00 now -- >> reporter: doctors have developed this. a new way to dramatically decrease the size of your scar after surgery. vial that story coming up. also ahead, the royal couple kicks off their overseas trip. what they did on their first day. >> reporter: and i'm rob here live. music in the park. dine downtown, and the national tae kwon do championships right here in san jose as we take a look at some martial arts. !ñbr
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6:40 pm
>> . well, the duke and duchess of cambridge are here. >> it's their first overseas tour since april.
6:41 pm
they arrived to a long line of canadian officials and journalists and dignitaries. will, kate, and about half a million people will celebrate canada day tomorrow. there'll be a big parade. big national holiday in dan. most will likely try to catch a glimpse of the royals. katherine catherine and i are so delighted to be here. >> they'll travel thousands of miles across the country. prince william and kate will be in a polo match in santa barbara that prince william will be playing in. >> we still don't know. they've axed us off the list?
6:42 pm
>> have they been to the park? >> what about restaurant week? they're missing out. >> rob. take it away. >> they're work off some of the calories. we've got, of course, the tae kwon do championships. we'll have that plus your hot weather forecast when we come back. coming up in sports, it's another late game thrill fehr tr giants, and the a's say good-bye to a fan favorite. details next. tuff really works.
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welcome to the neighborhood. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say... can you believe it's been 20 years since college? ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says "you're special" like boursin, a creamy, crumbly blend of real cheese and savory herbs, boursin makes any moment more memorable. even if you're saying... my mother has the kids tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say boursin?
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topping our health watch, if you know someone who's trying to quit smoking, text them. they're twice as likely to quit if they receive supportive text messages. the study followed 6,000. one received texts. twice as many who got encouraging text messages were able to kick the habit. >> there's a good chance you may have one. for lots of us it's a lifelong reminder of a surgery. but as nbc's mary onfavro shows us, a doctor has found a way to
6:45 pm
minimize the appearance of scars. >> reporter: knees, chins, ankles, almost everyone have a scar they don't like. kathy goldsmith has this daily remind over this. >> i look like frankenstein. >> reporter: with 80 million patients in the u.s. undergoing surgery every year, that's a lot of scars which is why this professor of surgery at the stafford school of medicine has spent years working with his team to develop a new bandage that dramatically minimizes the appearance of scars. these photos show it's working. on the right is what a patient's scar is what it looks like. on the left is the other half of the same scar on the same patient's who wore the new bandage. the difference was amazing it. >> was 80% to 90% better. >> reporter: the doctor says this serves as a cast for the wound proerks texting and healing it.
6:46 pm
>> all we're doing is giving the minimum amount of inflammation that it needs to heal that scar and eliminating the extraneous inflammatory celling that cause the bad scars and this area sees no mechanical stimulation at all. >> reporter: which means no pressure telling it to form scar tissue. patients have also reports two other benefits. they can easily move and they have less pain. the fda is now deciding whether to approve this dressing and if it does it may be readily available next year. giving patients a chance to let their surgical scars fade away. the results are impressive. let's things over now to rob mayeda. is it concert in the park and dining in downtown san jose? >> exactly. restaurant week. >> reporter: and we've got --
6:47 pm
yeah, dine in downtown, and we also have tae kwon do, the national championships here at the convention center in san jose. and joining me, patricia with the san jose sports authority. this is a big event. >> it is a huge event. we have about 3,600 athletes from around the country. what's better than having a national championship on a holiday weekend. athletes are age 6 to 60 at the convention center throughout the weekend. >> excellent. we can see some of the activities that they're doing here. a lot of high-energy, high-impact types of style here but we also like to talk about how this is a character building experience for them. >> it is. i'd like to introduce you to mark kaufman to talk specific about the sport. >> as you said, it's a character-building sport. martial art. we work on core values,
6:48 pm
courtesy, integrity, self-control and a spirit. it's an olympic sport. it's a culmination of over 40 events we've had around the country and some of these young athletes that will be competing tomorrow might be able to fulfill their olympic dreams. >> the event is open for everybody to try out. >> throughout the weekend and it finishing os sunday. we encourage people to come out d celebrate fourth of july with us. >> as we take a look at the incredible maneuvers, let's show you the weather graphics. they're also incredible. we have high pressure building in and our temperatures are going to start to sky rocket as we go through the weekend. it means our temperatures are going to continue to climb. we will see nothing but clear skies, maybe some patchy low clouds out on the coast. with temperatures on the coast in the 70s. inland, 90s near 100 degrees. you will see temperatures soaring well on through the weekend. so our numbers for the morning are going to be fairly
6:49 pm
comfortable. still some 50s and 60s. don't be surprised to wake up to 60s for low. it's going to be low as we go through the weekend. by lunchtime tomorrow we'll find mid-80s. by this time or just before this time we're going to see temperatures in the 80s and 90s. in terms of what you can expect. we have the very humid seven-day forecast brought to you by our friends which might be melted cheese this weekend. here you go. seven-day forecast. saturday, sundaying all the way tuesday, wednesday, thursday, mid to upper 90s. stay hydrated. enjoy the tae kwon do championships or dine in downtown san jose through july 3rd and those sunshines -- if we could keep the sunshine going for two weeks we would have a 14-day forecast. things are going to be staying hot. that's how things look here in san jose, nice, now comfortable
6:50 pm
as the breeze picks up. back to you. let's draw our attention now to sports. >> all right. henry is in the continue cast sports anytime room. rob is talking smack, saying he can tae kwon do you down. >> reporter: i would kick him the way that girl was getting kicked out there. raj, you're my brother, so i won't beat you up. we're going to be cool for a little bit. the a's second baseman only needed a couple of weeks to prove he was a real deal. he's played so well that oakland decided to trade veteran mark ellis. they traded ellis and cash to colorado for bruce billings. ellis made his debut with the a's in 2002 and is oakland's
6:51 pm
all-time leader in games played at second base. >> good for me and my family. good furnt us. obviously we're going to miss the times but it's a good opportunity for us. it happens a lot in baseball. it hasn't happen add lot to me in baseball but it's something players go through. it's part of the game. obviously i'll cherish the memories. >> a's highlights. top of the fifth, 3-0. john buck doubles to left center. logan morrison and mike stanton tap home plate and it's 5-0, marlins. buck, two for four with two rbis but the a's made a game of it. bottom of the five, suzuki swings. the a's cut the lead 5-4. later in the inning, gemayel weeks, no. he strikes out to end the game. marlins win, 5-4.
6:52 pm
giants and cubs, chicago won in walk-off fashion yesterday. giants want revenge. top of the 13. pandas go to work. it's 2-1. in the bottom of the 13th, the cubs tied it. then giovany's solo with a two-run shot off ramon ramires's eighth of the year. cubs, back-to-back walk-off wins, 5-2 is your finally. >> two outs, 0-2, you know. we had two strikes twice there. couldn't close it out. it was just one of those games. i guess it wasn't meant to be because we squandered so many opportunities. man, we've got do a better job of hitting runs in, putting the pressure on pitchers like we're doing right now. there's no margin of error. >> moving right along, lockouts and more lockouts. first nfl. now the nba. the national basketball
6:53 pm
association announced it will lock out its players tonight beginning at 9:01 pacific time. an nba spokesman said the league needs a new business mod thal allows all 30 teams to compete for a championship. >> it's with some sadness we're going to recommend this to the committee because this is a lockout has a very large impact on a lot of people. we had hoped that the proposal on which we had no choice but to enter into negotiation was -- you know, would have been better and would have given us a different choice. >> let's wish him the best. over to wimbledon, maria sharapova taking on sabean. second set. sharapova up one set. rips the 4 in.
6:54 pm
she had 14 winners in the match. match point. her shot was long. sharapova goes to the finals. she will take on petra. you know what? when it comes to all this tennis, by the way, that final will be on nbc bay area on saturday, but i can't get these namin names down. raj, step in. i'm hurting. >> end it with an ova, and you're good to go. >> all right. jessica ova. >> do it really favgts henry. that always works. >> thank you, henry. >> do it real fast and no one realizes i'm making a mistake. >> for a full half hour of bay b
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
>> tonight at 11:00 a compelling story about a alzheimer's researcher who made a discovery that she herself has it. the story tonight. vicky nguyen joins us to tell us about what's coming up. next at 7:00, searching for an answer when there's no explanation. we're going to take a look at a serious and heartbreaking illness where one family is turjing a tragedy into something good. we'll give you the skinny on calorie counts on your favorite dishes and how accurate they
6:58 pm
really are. >> you two are no help.
6:59 pm

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